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Aluminum Alloy Knee-Shin-Instep Guard

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Maximum resistance to impact and penetration. Built of aircraft quality aluminum alloy. 12" high, 5" wide at top, 3" wide at bottom. Padded top and bottom to absorb shock and provide comfort is attached at top and bottom with 5/8" web straps. Moisture will not cause deterioration. Knee guard as described above, attached to shin-instep guard described on previous page. Length is 27".

Ellwood Safety will modify guards to customer specifications or produce special guards for specific customer needs. Custom guards are of course more labor intensive to produce and are more expensive than standard products.

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333 Aluminum alloy (.081") 4 lb 12" Web Straps Padded with Sponge Rubber
333S Aluminum alloy (.081") 4 lb 10" Web Straps Padded with Sponge Rubber
333L Aluminum alloy (.081") 4 lb 14" Web Straps Padded with Sponge Rubber
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1 

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